Zentro de Excelencia y Rendimiento in the United States


(Miguel Irisarri, for Zentro de Excelencia y Rendimiento)

In April, we worked in Miami with several companies and students. We gave continuity to a performance improvement plan for the employees of a restaurant chain whose responsibilities include working with the public. Since we implemented this plan, client satisfaction, table rotation and work environment have improved exponentially, and the most important thing is that the turnover keeps increasing since the sessions started.

The event with Miami Dade College was especially pleasant, where Eduardo J. Padrón expressed his conviction about the need to help and give guidance to young people in a crucial moment in their life, at the university stage.



Above all, we want to highlight the contrast perceived between the lethargic situation in Europe and the activity in the United States, where they’re clearly devoting all their efforts to get out of the crisis and it looks nothing like what we’re living here right now.

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